Friday, November 28, 2008

i survived!

hey guys! 
i am a surviver! of black friday shopping!  (did the title make it seem like i was in some tiger fight?) 
but, yes, i indeed did wake up at 4AM, and went to meijer, which only took 10 minutes surprisingly enough, then to the mall! 
however, all i got at the mall was 2 sweatshirts pour moi...
all the other stores i needed to buy my other friends presents didn't open until 7, so we left. but we're going to resume and complete our christmas shopping on sunday!

for the girls, i'm going to forever 21, and buying them each a scarf, hat, gloves, or cute piece of jewelry that reminds me of them! (since i have to buy for like 10 girls!)
is that a good idea?

and the guys are individual, since there's only like 4 of them!

anyways, i think my dad is going to take me to buy the books, Revelations and Last Christmas today! I'm super excited!

I will read them as fast as my eyes and brain will allow it, and try to get a review up soon! since you're probably tired of reading about my not-so-exciting life:)

So, I will leave you to whatever you were doing now. Today I'm going to enjoy myself and indulge in left over stuffing (my favorite thanksgiving dish!), and run off that half of the pecan pie i ate:)

christmas spirit is in the air!
only 26 days!


Emily said...

You went Black Friday shopping?! Was is crazy!? Ha my parents wouldnt let me go :/

Barrie said...

How very brave you are! And possibly tired. :)