Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving everyonee!
todays the day where anyone and everyone can eat like there's no tomorrow and its okay!:]
i loveee thanksgiving!
pecan pie is my favorite! (although i haven't found someone who shares my love for this pie!)

the other good thing is that it brings families togetherr...
right? yeahh! eating at a crowded table with your aunt that doesnt shut up,
or your grandpa reliving his glory days! (when i was a kid... we didnt have those... etc)
isnt that what todays all about? :]

well, actually, im not having any extra relatives over this yearr!
just me, my 2 younger, annoying, brothers, mom++dadd.

today, we set up the christmas tree!
its fakee. like it has been for like 4 years now!
anyone have a real tree?
i think theyd be a hassle you know?
to like, get in thru the door, and then theyd be all sappyy.
but i guess, in a way, it could be cool!
i lovee seeing the christmas tree when it's all decorated though!
its so pretty! and so are the lights outsidee!
although, my family usually doesn't go all extravagent like some other houses.
wish we did though!

if you cant already tell;;
im so pumped for christmas!!
i dont really know what i wantt tho.
anyone have good ideas? what are you asking forr?

plus you get to buy your friends gifts!
lovee seeing their faces when they see what they got!
haha well this is getting to long of me just rambling!

so! ill let you go!

happy thanksgiving!
hope you gain 5 pounds of awesome food like i knoww i will!:D

p.s-- once i figure this all out, i'll start reviewing books, since i read like mad!
 i'll probably formally review Pretties soon!


Emily said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Tay-Toe said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Lindsey said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too and thanks for the comment! I hope you like "The Shape of Mercy" as much as I did. :-)

Oh, and I didn't get to "Pretties" yet, but I really enjoyed "Uglies"! Really neat plot idea. :-) Thanks for reminding me, guess I'll go to the library website and put it on hold. :-)