Saturday, November 29, 2008

Book Review: Revelation

Title: Revelation (A PRIVATE Novel)
Author: Kate Brian
Summary ( 

The biggest mystery of all...and Reed is dying to learn the truth.

Two months after Cheyenne Martin was found dead in her Billings House dorm room, exclusive Easton Academy is rocked by another stunning revelation: Cheyenne was murdered. No one knows who the killer is, but everyone agrees that Reed Brennan, who took over Cheyenne's role as Billings's president, gained the most from her death. Once the most powerful girl on campus, Reed is now powerless to stop her classmates' accusing whispers. Rumors begin to swirl that she killed Cheyenne.

And just like that, Reed is kicked out of Billings.

She's lost everything -- her friends, her home, her boyfriend -- and Reed knows the only way to get it all back is to figure out who really murdered Cheyenne. And she has to do it fast because the killer is still out there. The more Reed investigates, the more she uncovers. And as any Billings Girl knows...secrets can be deadly. 

Wow, I got this book last night, and could not put that book down. It has to be the best book out of the entire series! The plot was full of twists and turns, and the ending came out of nowhere (but in a good way!). I seriously could read this book over and over again, looking for hints about the shocking ending, or just to read it since it's so well done. If you've never read the PRIVATE series, and you're a fan of realistic fiction like me, then you need to sprint to the nearest bookstore and pick up all of these books! In Revelation you just get sucked into the plot right away, and I wish my eyes could of processed it more quickly so I could get to the end and see what happened! This book gives the reader and interesting feeling, you want to be at the end already, but once you get there, you want there to be more pages. The ending left me sitting there, gaping, like WHAT? You have to sit there and process what actually happened. Not only does this book supply twists, but you find yourself empathizing with characters, or wanting to tear the hair out of some of the girls. This book isn't an atypical "good guys always win" book, nor is it predictable in anyway. Reed, the main character, is such a compelling and relatable character, and since it's told through her eyes, you really start to feel for her. What I really love about this book is all the drama, but it's stuff that could actually happen, not the faux crap that you see in movies and you go, "this would NEVER happen in real life...". All the characters have their own personality, and this plot seems to come to life in your own head. This is a must read. If you have any questions about the book, or you've read it and want to share how you felt, just comment!


Emily said...

Ahhh, I reallllly want to read the Private books! You have noo idea.

TruBlu93 said...

Awesome Review. I checked out Private and Airhead from the library Friday. I'm almost done with Airhead [I know, I'm a slow reader] so Private is next on my list. I'm excited!!!


Diana Dang said...

Hm, I would never expect this novel to be a murder one. When I saw it, I was waiting for a clique plot. I might look into it but I am never a fan of those books with rich girls on the cover.

Thanks for the visit. =)